Dermal Fillers and Volumisers

With advancing age, gradual loss of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis contribute to wrinkle formation. Marionette lines and smile lines also known as nasolabial folds, manifest as facial volume begins to deplete. The face begins to look tired, angry or sad even when we are in a fantastic mood. Replenishing lost volume and providing lift are two keys to diminishing the appearance of facial wrinkles, lines and folds. A non-invasive and long-lasting treatment of these typical signs of ageing can be performed with a dermal filler.

Dermal fillers are injected just below the skin's surface and can plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars.  All dermal fillers used at SydneyWest Aesthetics are, importantly, not permanent so you are always in control of the way you look.

Dr. Ho offers a number of different dermal fillers. All have their own pros and cons regarding use, length of effectiveness, cost, and side effects.  Each is has its own benefits.  With the help of Dr.Ho and his staff, you will be able to schedule a consultation which can help answer the questions you may have about which dermal filler is best for you.

Sugar-based Filler

This is a complex sugar chain, which strongly binds water and is naturally found in human skin.  It has an excellent safety profile, requires no allergy testing and can also be dissolved and removed should the need arise. This filler produces natural-looking results and can be used essentially anywhere on the face.  It has been shown to give long-lasting correction of moderate-to-severe facial wrinkles and folds, typically lasting around 6-18 months depending on particle sizes and molecule structure.  The duration is less when used for lip filler injections.

Calcium-based Filler

This filler not only provide an immediate and visible lifting effect, but it also stimulate your skin's own regeneration abilities - new collagen is produced over the following weeks and months, making your skin stronger and more elastic.  It also requires no allergy testing and can be used in most locations on the face except for the lip area.  It is the ideal filler for the cheek and midface areas, the nose, as well as the chin and the jaw-line. The firmer consistency makes it typically unsuitable for lip augmentation. The typical duration of the filler is 12-18 months.

Is there downtime after a Dermal Filler injection?

Immediately after the injection there may be some mild redness and swelling. This usually subsides in about 24-48 hours.  If a bruise does occur, it can usually be covered with makeup.  The incidence of bruising depends on the location of the injection, the depth of the injection and the individual patient.  It's recommended that you do not to book a dermal filler injection 10 days prior to any important event.

Special applications of Dermal Fillers:

  1. Non-surgical nose reshaping  (non-surgical rhinoplasty)-  This is a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical rhinoplasty.  Results are instant; there is no downtime, no general anaesthetic and no prolonged healing.  So if you are tired of seeing your crooked nose, you don't have to go under the knife for a perfect profile.  Dr. Ho can reduce the appearance of a hump, lift the tip of your nose, and even straighten the appearance of your nose. With careful placement of the dermal filler, the results can be subtle or indeed dramatic to make sure you are looking and feeling great.
  2. Hand rejuvenation- Although the focus of cosmetic improvement is usually the face, one of the most age-telling body features is our hands. Because the skin on the back of the hands is extremely thin, the loss of fat padding quickly shows all the structures in the hand  the tendons, bones and the veins.  At SydneyWest aesthetics, Dr Ho uses dermal fillers to refill the depressions between the tendons and veins so both the bony appearance and the dark color of the veins are reduced, giving your hands a softer, fuller appearance that signifies youth. The treatment is highly effective and delivers long-lasting results.

It is important to note that fillers classified as a Schedule 4 substances of the current Poisons Standard so they are therefore regulated as Prescription Only substances- the use or supply of which should be by, or on the order of medical practitioners on a prescription.

Do not forget that although dermal fillers are aesthetic, they are also medicine. Therefore, all such procedures should be conducted only by the highest medical personnel who have received special training to conduct these or other techniques. It is understood that the procedures have a number of contraindications, which you should definitely tell the doctor.

Fillers are prohibited from:

  1. Cancer;
  2. Blood diseases;
  3. Autoimmune diseases;
  4. Viral infection in the acute stage
  5. Progressive muscle weakness;
  6. Connective tissue diseases (lupus, scleroderma);
  7. Chronic diseases of the skin (eg, psoriasis);
  8. Pregnancy and lactation
Before and After Nose Filler

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