IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Photo Rejuvenation is an Intense Light Therapy, which is neither Laser based nor Radiofrequency based.  It is a process involving the use of intense pulsed light system (IPL) to achieve reduction of blemishes, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, pore size, spider veins etc.  It also results in an improvement in the skin since Photo Rejuvenation works beneath the epidermis increasing collagen and tightening the skin.

Photo Rejuvenation enhances the skin's natural appearance, leaving it looking younger and fresher, while encouraging the production of new collagen, reducing fine lines and improving skin tone.

Any part of the body like face, neck and upper breast portions can be Photo Rejuvenated.

The Allegro Motion is the most advanced IPL machine on the market, manufactured and developed by doctors and scientists. Technological advancements have made it the safest, least painful and most successful IPL system today. 

Allegro Motion Technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort, speed and clinical results, painless in a minimal amount of time.

One of the greatest benefits of Photo Rejuvenation is that it can treat a wide range of skin problems. Patients can undergo a single type of treatment for multiple skin conditions, rather than having to undergo several procedures, such as laser skin tightening and laser skin resurfacing. Photo Rejuvenation is usually less expensive than Laser treatment as well. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the procedure, however, is that it is associated with a lesser risk of burns and scarring than laser.

A single sitting on an average should take about 30 minutes with zero down time! The number of such sitting required will depend on the condition of the skin, age, etc.

Normally there is minimal post-treatment discomfort.  Common temporary symptoms with any Intense light therapy may surface immediately after the session like  the skin may appear a little flushed and capillaries may seem to be more visible, This would soon fade away, leaving a younger looking skin.

No specific treatment is prescribed other than general care.  Normally limited sun exposure and to use sunscreen for a few weeks after treatment is advised.

Photo Rejuvenation is Advised to treat following conditions :

  •  Acne 
  • Sun Damaged Skin and Fine Wrinkles.
  • Broken Facial capillaries
  • Visible blood vessels / Visible Small Veins on face or anywhere else.
  • Age Spots & Freckles.
  • Rosasea.
  • Lack of Glow.
  • Irregular Skin Tone.
  • Discoloration & Pigmentation.
  • Abnormal Pigmentation.
  • Hyperpigmentation.
  • Redness and flushing of Face.
  • Enlarged Skin Pores.
  • Birth Marks.
  • Blemishes.
  • Melasma.

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