Anti-ageing Treatments

Lines & Wrinkles, Volume & Contour

"One can be beautiful at any age"

Ageing is caused by an array of physiological changes that occur with time and cannot be completely avoided.   UV rays from the sun speed up this process.

From about the age of 24 years, the face begins to gradually age:

  • The tissue of the forehead drifts downward, creating wrinkles, dropping the eyebrows and giving them a flatter appearance
  • The eyelids and the tissue around the eyes sag downwards
  • The cheeks sag downwards resulting the appearance of jowls
  • The corners of the mouth move downwards resulting in a slight frown look
  • The nose may elongate develop a small to pronounced dorsal hump and move the tip downward
  • The tip of the nose may enlarge and become bulbous
  • Generalized wrinkling of the face may occur

Any woman at any age wants to look younger and attractive.  Many have tried anti-aging creams, masks, massages, nutrition, and drank litres of water - anything goes!  But when these tools are not enough, "beauty shots" avails.

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